Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Local extinction of Aloe populations in the Eastern Cape

By Alastair Potts

Members of the Botany Honours class 2014 have published a short field note in African Journal of Ecology entitled "Impending local extinction of Aloe ferox Mill. populations in the absence of elephants and black rhinos?".

This publication was based on the observations and data collected on the annual field trip to Kaboega Farm. Well done to Sjani van As (first author) for guiding the manuscript through the long and tedious process of publication (the manuscript sat for more than a year with AJE!) and to Simone van der Linden who presented the study at the joint Arid Zone Ecology Forum and Thicket Forum meeting in 2014.

An Aloe ferox individual that has fallen over.

Evidence of herbivory

A common scene of Aloe ferox populations within areas where
large herbivores, such as kudu, are on the increase.

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